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Methods of Connecting with Source

Conscious breathing

Allowing feelings to move with breath and sound

Exercising-biking, running, swimming, etc.

Listening to wonderful Music

Reading uplifting literature

Watching inspiring movies

Walking in Nature

Swimming in the ocean

Getting or giving a massage




Talking to wise and supportive friends

Making intimate and passionate love

Exploring the many blessings that we are grateful for

Expressing appreciation


Being with a baby

Being with a puppy or pet

Praying, inviting spirit into my heart

Painting, composing, writing or any creative activity

Playing music

Remembering a joyful and enriching experience

Focusing on being in the present moment

Being quiet

Eating healthy foods or fasting

Practicing martial arts, tai chi, chi gong

Singing or chanting

Practicing yoga or stretching

Imagining being in a peaceful place

Doing acts of service

Listening deeply to another person

Saying or writing empowering affirmations